Everyone in the USA and around the world is aware of the corona virus outbreak. Dentists work in close proximity to patients, especially their mouth and nose. Once the CDC and ADA knew about the spread of this virus, the alarm was sounded and dental offices were asked to shut their doors to all but emergency treatment. We have been in compliance with this request and will continue to follow the guidelines recommended by the CDC, ADA and  local and state public health officials.

     Illinois dentists have been given the OK to see non-emergency patients. Here are the questions you need to answer to see if we can see you. Have you been overseas or out of the USA lately? Have you had any of the following COVID-19 symptoms. Trouble breathing? Persistent cough, shortness of breath? Fever/ chills? Repeated shaking chills? Muscle pain? Headache? Sore throat? Recent loss of taste or smell? Pain in the chest? New confusion or difficulty waking up? Bluish lips or face? Diarrhea? Have you been around anyone with COVID-19 or symptoms of COVID-19? Do you have a fever of 100 F or greater?

     We will require all patients entering the office to have a mask on. There will be some hand sanitizing stations set up for patient use. The office is set up for social distancing, with minimal chairs in the reception room. It is best if only the patient be in the office. If you are having someone drive you or accompany you, for now, we ask they remain in the car. The types of procedures we will perform will be limited. We are trying to avoid developing sprays and aerosols. Yes, we can clean and polish your teeth with hand instruments and polishing cup. No air polishing or use of ultrasonic scaling at this time. The staff is working on needed changes to procedures so we can operate safely for all. There will be a learning curve, so we may not be able to see that many patients per day. With time, we are certain to streamline our procedures. Hopefully, we will return to a more normal situation, but till then, we are going to proceed with great care. 

     Please call at (708)423-4100 if you have any questions. The staff is well versed on the situation and hopefully, can answer your questions.



Ken Grebliunas, DDS