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All on Four Implant Supported Denture

                                 All on Four Implant Supported Denture, new teeth in a day
           I attended a training course through Zimmer Dental, a leader in dental implants. The course taught us how to deliver what you may have read or heard advertised about, same day fixed dentures that are supported by dental implants. The process frequently starts with a visit to our office. Diagnostic procedures or duplicates of your jaws are made and mounted on a mechanical jaw. We use these models to determine how much room is present and how much room is needed for your particular treatment. A consultation with our oral surgeon is also needed. They evaluate your bone, location of nerves, blood vessels and sinuses to see where implants can safely and predictably be placed. Your existing denture is then converted to a temporary fixed denture. After implants have integrated with the bone (3-4 months for the lower) (6-12 months for the upper). Final dentures are then fabricated. For more information and an informative video about  "All On Four", click the following link into your browser: 

Dental Implantology - Restorative Course Accelerated

The Zimmer Institute Carlsbad, California


Dr. Lisa Knobloch, Dr. Kenneth M. Grebliunas, and Dr. Ed McGlumphy