In keeping with our goal to provide the best service and latest technology available, we are announcing the use of a new diagnostic instrument for the detection of cavities called Diagnodent.

The Diagnodent, approved by the FDA for the detection of beginning stages of tooth decay, is a hand-held laser, similar to a laser pointer used for presentations.  This device allows the dentist to decide if the cavitiy is incipient (just barely detectable).  At this stage, a sealant (plastic coating) may be suggested to prevent the cavity from getting larger.  If the cavity is found to be deeper, then a filling will be suggested to restore the tooth.  Many times a tooth may be stained and appear to be a cavity, but actually is just discoloration.

The Diagnodent has also been approved for the dection of cavities by the ADA (American Dental Association).Diode Laser cavity detection

Radiographs (x-rays) are wonderful for diagnosing cavities on the surfaces between the teeth, where the dentist cannot feel nor see.  However, the new Diagnodent "tool" is excellent for detecting cavities in the pits and fissures (holes and grooves) of the teeth. 

The Diagnodent will be used in addition to radiographs (x-rays) for the diagnosis of cavities for our patients to ensure optimum cental care.

This procedure is provided as a service to our patients.  Not every patient will require the use of this device - only areas that the hygienist or dentist has deemed suspicious of a possible cavity

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