Dental Restoration Treatment in Oak Lawn

Dental patients of today have the advantage of choosing from a multitude of restorative and tooth replacement solutions for achieving optimal oral health and improving their quality of life. At our Oak Lawn dental practice, Dr. Kenneth M. Grebliunas and his team insist on providing top-quality restorative services and tooth replacement prosthetics, while utilizing the highest-quality, body-safe materials.

If you or a loved one have missing teeth or damage within your smile, we hope that you will consider our compassionate and skilled Oak Lawn team to rejuvenate the oral health, aesthetics, and function of your smile today!

Providing Top-Quality Restorative Solutions Throughout Cook County

Whether you are needing a single tooth repaired, looking to replace multiple teeth, or restoring an entire detention, Dr. Grebliunas and his team are here to help you achieve the confident smile and enhanced quality of life you deserve.

We offer the following restoration treatments:

Enamel-Colored Fillings- our tooth-colored, resin material fillings repair damage on teeth. Due to their ability to bond directly to enamel, they are resilient to everyday wear and tear. Dr. Grebliunas will blend shades to craft the perfect match to your surrounding, healthy teeth, allowing us to restore the natural beauty of your smile.

Porcelain & Zirconia Restorative Crowns- we offer entirely customized, single-tooth crown restorations to protect the integrity of the affected tooth structure. By utilizing the skill of our trusted outside labs, we work with our restorations team to fabricate the highest-quality crown made with durable, enamel-colored porcelain and zirconia materials. Our reliable dental crowns provide continued resilience and discreet results.

Ceramic Bridges- for patients with two or more missing teeth in a row, we offer dental bridge appliances. These restorations help replace a short row of missing teeth by utilizing crowns placed on the surrounding structures as a foundation. In doing so, this creates a literal “bridge” between the remaining teeth and absent teeth which restores dental function and provides natural-looking results.

Porcelain Dentures & Partials- our traditional denture appliances are personalized to replace the entirety of your unique smile. A partial denture is a viable option for restoring sizable gaps within the smile. Full and partial dentures stay in place using natural suction or metal clasps that wrap around any remaining teeth. 

Restoring Natural Beauty and Dental Function with Implant-Supported Prosthetics

With over three decades in the dental field, Dr. Grebliunas has been able to establish an exceptional network of trusted specialists, including dental implant placement experts who are just a few doors down from our office. Having been able to work closely with this team for many years, our Oak Lawn team can further ensure both accurate and successful implant placement.

Once the implant procedure is complete, patients are given time to heal as the dental implant posts, acting as artificial tooth roots,  fuse to the jawbone. Once this process, called osseointegration, has taken place and the titanium implant posts have healed completely, our team invites you back to our dental practice to affix your personalized prosthetic.

We provide implant-supported crowns, bridges, partials, and dentures that are all designed to fit your specific smile as well as mimic neighboring teeth for beautiful and discreet results.

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Dr. Kenneth M. Grebliunas and his personable, highly-skilled team are committed to completely restoring the beauty, health, and function of patient smiles that have experienced the repercussions of damage or tooth loss. Call our Oak Lawn dental practice today for your initial consultation!




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